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Breast growth and exercise... [Jan. 21st, 2008|05:47 pm]
Male to Female, however you choose to say it


Okay... so this semester is finally the one where I have a schedule that allows me to get to the gym every day, so I am finally going start working on losing the moderate amount of body fat and annoying amount of muscle I have. The only problem is, I just started E like 2 weeks ago, so some time during this semester is also probably when my breasts will finally start growing.

Should I be worried about exercise negatively affecting how large my breasts grow? I know final breast size is largely a function of genetics, but breast tissue is also made up of adipose cells (I think), and I plan on doing a LOT of cardio this semester... this weight needs to come off, I can't take it anymore. So should I be worried?

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[User Picture]From: yeopenbooke
2008-01-22 07:06 am (UTC)
I had a cisgender girlfriend tell me she used to be very overweight and since losing the weight, yes her breasts were smaller (though not small enough for me to have ever had any complaints ;)
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From: writerjanice
2008-01-24 08:32 am (UTC)
Short answer, yes, if you are carrying extra body fat, you will lose some breast size from exercise. Long answer? Be sure to exercise the entire body so that you have a nice toned "base" for the breasts to "sit on" and a trim waist to emphasize your figure.

And besides, you will feel better, be happier, and look better by toning up and losing excess flab...

Establish a sensible diet and exercise plan to lose the weight and tone the muscle. With that you shouldn't make that much difference in growth.
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From: danielle144
2008-02-04 04:05 pm (UTC)

breast growth and exercise

Exercise is always goo and healthy for you, espcially aerobic exercise. I have done 30 minutes on my treadmill every day during my transition. It has not slowed down my breast growth or fat redistribution a bit. I have lost weight and gained curves in the right places. You want to be carefull if you are lifting weights or are doing upper body exercises. You don't want to work the pecs or muscles that can effect the way your breasts look until they are full developed.
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