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Pissed off

So after 39 years of hating myself and hating everyone around me I decided to finally admit openly I am trans.
I have set about restoring my body and mind from years of self neglect and abuse I have put myself through. I am back in college and seeing a therapist. The other day I was in my first day of class and it hits me I am no different than all these other woman. I am looking at about 39 women of every size, shape and style.
From the punk chicks to the prepy girls all of them have a unique look and style. Now here is where I get pissed.
If any of them want to change a physical feature ether through makeup, hair style, or as drastic as surgery. Our culture has no problem with it. If any of them wanted to go get some implants they need a simple consultation and then to schedule the surgery. All I want to do is the same thing. I want to make my self look like the person I am on the inside. It just takes a little more work, time and money to get the same results. So why do I need to be diagnosed with a disorder to go about it. If you ask me its our culture that has the disorder. I am just trying to be me.
I have spent most of my life trying to fit the boy mold I was shoved into and now that I finally come out I have a disorder. F*ck that! I don't have a disorder at most I have a birth defect and in my opinion thats even pushing it. So yes I am pissed off! I want to tell my therapist to get bent and just leave my head alone. I don't need a shrink I need to be me. But O no... If I want to get hormones or surgery I need to be a good little girl and play the game, wasting more of my life and money. I am done playing other peoples games by there rules. The ball is in my court now and I am going to crush that f*cker. Why does the trans community keep playing this game? Why are we not in the streets saying hay f*ck off this is my body not your body. Who are you to choose what I do with it?
So Ya I am pissed. What about you?

Tedious Moderator Post

Hi everyone.

Recently there was a post by harutake in this comm. Now there is not, which means it got deleted.

This is not transgender with its epic dramas and equally epic list of community rules, we're kinda smaller and more sleepy here, and the rules we do have are shorter in number, more informal and hopefully easier to navigate around.

...which is why it's disappointing when one of the few very clear rules we have, "Don't delete stuff" is casually ignored, because it's not that hard a concept.

So to reiterate:

Don't. Delete. Stuff.


Thank you for your attention,


Dilation and Water - Mortal Enemies?

I've noticed in the past that if I get water in my vagina (say, for example, I stick a finger up there in the bath), any subsequent dilation is harder for a short while. The water seems to *increase* friction and tighten things up in there, and I guess it probably washes the lube off too (I use aquagel which is water based).

Yesterday afternoon, I went swimming and did a thousand metres, breast stroke. Yesterday evening I dilated, and had the hardest time getting the stent in that I've had for ages. I had to really shove it, which was a little painful, despite relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Everything was just so incredibly tight and tense up there.

Anyone else get anything similar?

(no subject)

got a lovely prescription Friday and filled it. 200mg spironolactone qd and 4mg estradiol qd, both oral.

this is monday, and i've been feeling *horrible.* i haven't been sick in years, but i might be sick now. i'm not sure if i caught something, or if it's a perfect storm of caffeine and testosterone withdrawal and little food, or if i just took the most destructive nap of my life.

feel sore and weak, no appetite, tired (hence the four hour nap). i'm not totally incapable of functioning, but i feel under the weather (i'd hate to have to work in this condition, and i might have to tomorrow if it keeps up).

did anybody else feel a little sick after starting HRT? or do i just need some pepsi?

Request for Participants

My name is Creaig Dunton I am conducting a study at the University at Albany School of Criminal Justice in order to examine transgendered persons’ encounters with police, as well as their perceptions of crime and law enforcement. If you identify as transgender by any definition of the word, I would greatly appreciate your input into the survey. It is completely anonymous, and absolutely no identifiable information is collected. Depending on your responses, it may take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete. Your participation is greatly appreciated, and will help society as a whole gain a greater understanding of what it means to be transgendered.

To complete the survey, please enter the following URL into your web browser:

When prompted for a user name and password, please use the user name “tgsurvey” and password “Spring08”. Please do not use the quotation marks, and note that both the user name and password are case sensitive. The survey consists of multiple choice questions and a few free response questions, and requires only a basic knowledge of web browsing to complete.

If you have any questions or concerns about the survey before beginning it, please feel free to contact me via e-mail at

Thank you for your time,

Creaig Dunton

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Coming Out to Kids

I have four kids aged 14, 12, 7 and 1. Although I’m not ready to come out, my wife and I want to prepare for “the talk”.
I’d like to have suggestions for books, movies, documentaries, or other media that would help kids of these ages. But rather than just a list of books, I’d like to hear your own coming out experiences using these materials – how did they help you?