Stealth TS (stealthts) wrote in mtf,
Stealth TS

Just saying hello

Well, this is mostly to say hello and Introduce myself. I just joined this community.

As you can probably tell from my login name, I'm TS and stealth. I work for a large software company as an engineer, am in a long term relationship with a man, who has children. His children, unfortunately, live with their mother.

I've been living fulltime now for over 5 years, but alas, I'm still pre-op. This is due to the fact that I have a large number of health problems. :( Good thing is that it doesn't really affect how people perceive me.

Unfortunately, lately it has been affecting my relationship with my bf. :( He's really into sex and I am not. It's not him, but how I view myself. :( I hate my body as it is and generally try to forget about it. Obviously, sex kind of makes things stand out.

Some people will say, "But sex isn't the most important part of a relationship." and I agree. But what most people miss is that it is _still_ a part of a relationship. I don't know ultimately what we're going to do. Are we going to break up? Not likely. I love him and he loves me. The only reason we aren't married now is that that would also require me being post-op.
Tags: love and relationships, sex

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