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Dilation and Water - Mortal Enemies? - Male to Female, however you choose to say it [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Male to Female, however you choose to say it

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Dilation and Water - Mortal Enemies? [Oct. 23rd, 2008|03:16 pm]
Male to Female, however you choose to say it


I've noticed in the past that if I get water in my vagina (say, for example, I stick a finger up there in the bath), any subsequent dilation is harder for a short while. The water seems to *increase* friction and tighten things up in there, and I guess it probably washes the lube off too (I use aquagel which is water based).

Yesterday afternoon, I went swimming and did a thousand metres, breast stroke. Yesterday evening I dilated, and had the hardest time getting the stent in that I've had for ages. I had to really shove it, which was a little painful, despite relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. Everything was just so incredibly tight and tense up there.

Anyone else get anything similar?

From: lis0r
2008-10-24 08:31 am (UTC)
Hmm, I remember one of my school friends had a fancy new filter system on their pool that they were telling me about a year ago. It meant there were no additives in the water, but I can't remember if it was based on silver filters, or some sort of UV bombardment. I don't know whether this may have made it's way to any public/pseudo-public (e.g. gyms) down your way.
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