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On 11 March 2020
Male to Female, however you choose to say it
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This is a community for anyone who identifies at MTF ("male to female"), their friends, family or other sympathetic Livejournalers. The intent is that we share information, support each other, offer advice and a sympathetic ear where necessary, and generally relate our experience as MtF.

For your convenience, we've started to add tags to our entries, so it'll be easier to find what you want. Just click here for the full list.

A few rules:

1. Stay on topic This is not transgender or genderqueer. Those are both fine communities, but in the interest of not copying what they do, I would ask that posters stick with subjects pertaining to the MtF experience. Anyone can post, of course, but I just ask it stay relevant.

2. No hate speech I will not tolerate hate speech of any sort. Racist, sexist or other speech is right out, as are threats or putting others down for religious reasons. Warnings and/or bans shall, in all cases, be at the discretion of the Mods, depending on severity. Needless to say, personal attacks of any sort are frowned upon.

3. No advertising The one exception is advertising relevant communities and events. Advertising products is right out, although that doesn't mean you can't recommend a particular item to someone who needs it, for example hormones, PMS remedies, gaffs and so forth. I would ask that people only advertise an event or community once, in order to keep the community from getting cluttered.

3.5 No advertising, again This is in regards to some communities that require you post ads for them elsewhere for membership... don't do that here. NOTE: cross posting of relevant info from other communities is NOT a violation of this rule, just ads.

4. All photos behind LJ-cuts This is mostly to save on bandwidth. Instructions on how to do a LJ-cut are here. Needless to say, pornographic images are not permitted. You may consider genderotica or mtf_undressed for those. Any links leading to places that would generally be regarded as something you would not like your boss, parents, children, partner(s) to see should be marked as "NSFW" (Not Safe For Work).

5. The Mods have final say on all matters Rank hath its privileges.

6. No link spoofing Do not try and hide non-relevant links as something on topic. This is often a violation of #3 or #3.5. NOTE: once again, linking to relevant stuff is not a violation of this rule (though why you would hide a link to something relevant as something else is beyond me)

7. NO PERSONAL INFO! Do NOT post things like peoples names, address, phone number, email address, etc... This will very likely get you banned in one shot. Even if they have posted this info elsewhere, don't do it here. Please refer to people by their username. Locked posts are locked for a reason... don't copy stuff elsewhere.

8. There is no "three strikes" rule Violations will be taken on a case by case basis... if someone goes way over the line in one shot it could result in baning without warning... on the other hand if the violation is minor it may take more then three.

9. Don't delete stuff This includes posts you make, comments, other peoples comments etc. If you have a problem with what someone is saying, tell a mod... deleting just makes you look guilty and makes it WAY harder to sort out what happened. If someone is misinterpreting your words, clarify them. Leave the deleting to the mods.

10. Think before you post See #9... if you think something is not a good idea to say, it probably isn't.

11. Don't crosspost locked entries This includes the twitter/FaceBook feature, screen caps etc. If it is posted here, and it is locked, it stays here. Violating this rule is grounds for an instant ban.

If you have any problems, or if you see anything that requires my attention that I haven't gotten to yet, please do not hesitate to email me at the community address or use the LJ Message system to any of the mods.