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question for uk mtf people

I'm going for my second appointment at Charing Cross soon, and I could really do with some kind of androgen-blocking stuff.

Backstory: I transitioned years ago and since then took ovranette and androcur (50mg/day). When I got settled in my new city I started going through the lengthy NHS process with a view to getting surgery, and when I finally saw CX in March they changed the ovranette to premarin (meh; I haven't noticed a difference) and took me off the androcur as apparently they don't prescribe it.

I came off it as instructed, but since then my skin has gone to total crap (spots, greasy, eczema, oil in my hair meaning I need to wash it every day, and so forth) which has really hurt my confidence badly. It's hard to tell if it's affected my health in any other way since this year I've also been getting my body back up to strength after a period of incredible weakness (caused/exacerbated by hypermobile joints giving me hella back and leg pain).

So, does anyone know what anti-androgen stuff CX do prescribe? My GP is right behind me on this (she can't believe they took me off it in the first place) if that helps.

Edit on read-through: I never had any health problems related to androcur as far as I know, and my bloods have always been normal/no danger for the last five years with no variation.

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I was just wondering if anyone here happened to recieve Hormones from the Mazzoni Center in Philadelphia?

I have my first appointment with Susan, next Thursday. I was just wondering if anyone else worked with her & can tell me what it was like etc.

And as far as I know, insurance doesn't cover HRT in the US, so you'd have to pay for them right? Is there a set price or anything? Cause if they're expensive, I'm going to have to start saving money since I'm unemployed at the moment. /tear



so I'm thinking of changing the way I do things and taking all my estradiol at night (4mg) and just taking my spiro every 12 hours. Has anyone been doing this and would they reccomend it? I notice estradiol only has a ~13 hour half life, so I'm wondering if that's a smart thing to do.

Can anyone offer suggestions or advice?

HRT and metabolism

I have recently started taking my HRT twice a day instead of once when/if I remember to. The potential issue is that one of the first things I do in the morning and one of the last things I do at night is walk for my health. Basically I am wondering if I should take my pills before I exercise when my metabolism is lower, or after I exercise when it is higher.

Sydney Endocrinologists

    H'llo, question time again. I am trying to prepare to call the therapist I was seeing last year and thence to get a referral to an endocrinologist. The two names I have right now are Prof Steinbeck at Bondi Junction (who if I remember what I was told may not be seeing any more patients) and Dr Coles at Nepean Hospital. I would really appreciate it if anyone could share their experiences or thumb-pointings with either of these doctors, or recommend to me someone else?

    She may wish to refer me to a more specialised therapist for further counselling too, although I am not so keen on that, so I will mention that the names I have listed for that are Dr. Tom Hance (RPA), Dr. Cornelius Greenway (+10 Points for the name), Dr. John Parkihson and Gaye (The Gender Centre). Any thoughts/experiences additions for that list would be welcome too.

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Being Buff

Hey everyone I have a question, does hormones effect your shoulders and neck? I mean I always hear people say hormones don't change your bones but what does that mean? I am a swimmer (if you couldn't tell) and I have been swimming ever since I was younger so I have very broad shoulders and a thick neck. Will HRT change that? I know HRT differs from person to person but I'm just wondering because I don't see the point in going through HRT if my shoulders will stay the same. I know people are going to say that you don't transition just to pass and stuff, but the reason you transition is to better your life, not make it worse right? Well how would being female and having quater back shoulders & neck make it better? So I was just wondering will I always have broad shoulders and have a buff upper body even if I take hrt?

Also I know the username is empty, this isn't a troll, I was just to affraid to post on my real one. Thanks for any help in advance and you guys are amazing.