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Hello all

This is my first post and definitely not my last. :) I'm just gonna introduce myself, if that's okay!

My name of choice (so far) is Heather. I'm seventeen years old, and I live in Philadelphia. I finally came to the conclusion a year and a half ago that I was transsexual. The realization came after a long, hard battle with myself that seems to be quite common with those in our situation; and I came out to a few close friends at the time. After a hard summer (for other reasons as well; I was having a lot of relationship problems) and a tough fall, I got paired up with the most supportive partner I could have asked for. She's happy for me about all the right things, and it's really great to have that support.

After a year of therapy (with someone not at all qualified on trans issues; that would be my new therapist) I finally came out to my parents in late June of this year. There really wasn't any shock. My dad was actually the one who bridged the gap to me (!) and I gratefully accepted and poured my heart out to him. My mom found out just a bit later than that, and we were all set. My parents are somewhat supportive; however, when the conversation turns to hormones and anti-androgens they're at a bit of a loss. They've told me that they think I'm too young to make these kinds of decisions for myself, but they're going to meet with my therapist next week and are quite willing to agree to getting me the hormones if they are indeed convinced of the necessity (there's not a whole lot I can do about convincing them other than twiddle my fingers in anticipation of their meet with my transman therapist).

I'm sort of in an inbetween place, right now, and I'm itching to get out of it. I want hormones and I want to wax my arms and I want to get electrolysis, but none of that is happening quite yet (I could definitely do the latter two, but money is an issue; moreso for the electrolysis than waxing- that I can do at home). I feel like I can't really pass very well without the extra boost that the hormones would give me, and I'd also really like that boost so that I could go into my senior year of high school ready to change things up in the middle of it- i.e. start growing breasts in mid-winter (hohoho I wonder what I could do about changing clothes for gym?) and begin to really phase in my female self that's just waiting to come out to the public- she's being very patient, may I add. :)

Well, if you just read through that large piece of text... thanks. I'm always interested in what other t-girls have to say about my life.

PS this comunity is great <3 I hope to become a regular ol'... regular.

Introduction post

Hi, I'm new to this community and to LiveJournal. First, I never been good for introduction post ^^.

So, from what I have read on the subject, I consider myself a transgender. Basicly, i'm 23 years old and I started to dress at the age of 10-12. Until last summer, it was more only for fun rather than anything "deeper" tho I have discovered that I was feeling more "right" when I was dressed.

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By the way, That intro post might have some syntax/grammar errors but keep in mind that I'm normally speaking french 24/7 (I'm from Montreal, Quebec, Canada) so... I apologies for theses mistakes.