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How to define the length of time in "transition?"

So lately I've been reading posts about people saying things in the vein of " that they've been transitioning for 2 years and now they're just starting to go full time."  And it makes me wonder I'm some sort of anomoly?  I mean I know the whole jazz about everyone's different and YMMV but I can't help feel like a lil' black sheep *shrug*

My process was Sept-Dec I came out to EVERYONE as trans (MTF)...that means family, friends, school, work.
January 1st I started living full time 
Mid-February started HRT
Mid-May started laser

Am I doing things ass backwards or what?
Should I have "prepared myself" more for full-time?  The short answer is no, once I was out to everyone I couldn't spend another day living as a man.  The long answer is "I'm not so sure"
Is it my relatively young age (23 when I started)? 

Can people relate to any/all of these sentiments?


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